The missing link of sanitizers

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Protection from potentially infected mask

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Proprietary HydroFiC™ Technology

Proprietary Prolonged Fibre-Fix™ Technology

Product Characteristics

How InvisiGLOVE protects you?

Protects your hands from any infected surfaces

How InvisiMASK protects you?

Protect your mask from Coronavirus

Harmful effects of Prolonged Alcohol usage

Science behind INVISIGLOVE

About Dr Bunlue

Dr. Bunlue Kongchai is an ENT doctor with dermatology experience of over more than 20 years. Owner and managing director of Baramai Laboratories Co Ltd, Dr Bunlue has rich experience in dermatology and skincare formulation for 15 years. His significant impact and innovation in the healthcare industry garners him awards and certification by the Thai Parliament.