Defending you against Covid-19
Your mask doesn’t protect you if used incorrectly. Do you subconsciously adjusted your mask? Because we are all so not used to wearing one. Potentially increasing your risk of touching an infected mask.

Invisimask Moisturizing Spray adheres to the outside of mask fiber and kills viruses, bacteria and fungus instantly upon contact.

Preventing Spread by Asymptomatic Carriers
It is known that Covid-19 positive carriers don’t exhibit any symptoms. These are the ‘walking’ mines, laying the virus everywhere without even knowing it. They look perfectly well and could be the one next to you.

By spraying the moisturizing spray on the inside of mask, it eliminates what is breath out by asymptomatic carriers and therefore reduces their risk of further spread the virus. Coupled with the invisiGlove, it mitigates and reduce greatly the chance of infecting others.

INVISIMASK by Dr Bunlue offers extended protection from contamination for your facial mask and your hands. With Benzalkonium Chloride (BKC) and Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, INVISIMASK by Dr Bunlue kill germs within a minute upon contact.

Our proprietary Prolonged Fiber-Fix™ Technology creates a protective layer and bonds with the fabric of the facial mask, offering up to 72 hours of protection from bacteria, fungus and viruses including coronavirus as well as prolong the usage of your facial mask. Our Silicone based and Alcohol Free spray moisterizes your skin.